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Hendren Plastics Inc. began manufacturing Expanded Polystyrene at our Gravette, AR plant in 1984. The founder, Kim Hendren, Vice-President and Jim Hendren, President, have owned and operated plastic plants since 1967. Hendren Plastics has the most modern equipment available in the industry, We are constantly updating to provide superior service. Hendren Plastics’ warehouse facilities allow us to inventory over 300 Foam Bloc
ks for instant response to customer demand. The heart of the plant is an expander and block mold, which utilizes computer controlled technology and a modern vacuum system to provide unmatched quality and speed. Whatever your company needs are, flotation, insulation, packaging, or custom fabrication, Hendren Plastics is here to serve you. We own and operate our own fleet of semi-trucks and trailers to ensure timely delivery and service in the tri-state area. Call us or e-mail us for a free quote or if you need more information on the Expanded Polystyrene product. We assure you that you will get the best deal. We offer the highest quality Expanded Polystyrene products and services.  - Just Added in 2008 - Eagle Floats Dock Flotation - Shipping Nationwide! - Alos added in 2008 - Shape Molding - Coming in 2009 - Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s)

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